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Health Plan   

Comprehensive Medical Plan

  • The plan is designed to give valuable financial assistance in meeting medical costs as a result of a covered accident or sickness. It is very important that you know the scope of the benefits since you are responsible for any amount charged for medical care in excess of the benefits payable.

Health Plan

Health Plan - General Provision

  • All members are eligible to join the group health plan effective - March 1st, 2020. Member is categorized as:
  • Actives - under age sixty-five (65)
  • Retirees - 65 years and over.

For all members and /or dependents applying for coverage from January 1st, 2023, evidence of insurability will be required, along with the enrollment card. Coverage will be subject to approval by Beacon Insurance


Health Plan

Retirees 65 years and over

  • For all members and/or dependants applying for coverage from January 1st 2023, evidence of insurability will be required along with the enrolment card. Coverage will be subject to approval by Beacon.




  • All members of the Credit Union, including:

  • Member's Spouse (married and common law)

  • Member's Children (unemployed and unmarried)

    • From birth to 19 years

    • Children from 19-23 years with a letter from University certifying FULL-TIME attendance (must be submitted annually)

    • Includes Legally adopted children -attach legal documents.

    • No restriction on the number of children

  • Retirees/Retiree's spouse and their children if eligible Enrolment

Common Questions

  1. How do I make a claim?
    • In the Service Provider Network, present your Beacon card & valid picture ID, confirm the information on the claim form & sign. Pay only your percentage and any excess if applicable.
    • Out of the Service Provider Network, pay in full, collect receipts and attach to the completed claim form.
  2. How long will it take for reimbursement?
    • Approximately 14 working days from the time the claim form is dropped off at Beacon. The Plan Administrator at Transcorp reviews & signs the claim form, then forwards to the agent – who logs the claim & forwards to Beacon. Beacon processes the claim and the reimbursement will be deposited into your bank account provided.
  3. Is there any refund of premiums, if I don’t claim?
    • No. Health insurance does not refund premiums or have a no-claim bonus.
  4. I am covered under another insurance plan, can I make a claim?
    • Yes, you can. 


Your monthly premium can start from as low as $215.00 per month. 

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