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School Book Loan

Primary School: $5,000.00

Secondary School: $10,000.00

Tertiary Education: $20,000.00

A school book loan may be granted for the purchase of school books to a maximum borrowing amount as determined by the Board from time to time.

This loan is granted for a period of one year commencing in July of each year and at a preferential interest rate to assist members in the purchase of school books

Normal Lending Criteria :

  • Two Forms of Valid (ID, DP, PP & Electronic Birth Paper)
  • Proof of Address for Individuals (UTC Statement, Bank Statement, or Utility Bill )
  • Proof of Address for Self Employed ( Utility Bill from the place of business)
  • Proof of Income for Individuals  (Payslip or Job Letter, no more than 2 months)-
  • Proof of Income for Self Employed (Business registration, 3 years Management Accounts, Last tax return filed)
  • Must be 18 years and over  with consistent savings for a minimum of 3 months
  • DSR  50% (Maximum or as directed by the Board of Directors )
  • Security (Shares invested in the Credit Union


Loans must be applied for via the Online Portal.  To apply online you will need to complete your online account registration.

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For non-member, you will need to become a member before you can qualify for the loan. To become a member, click here


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