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Registration for the Virtual AGM is now open.

Click on the following image to register.

Once you register for the AGM, you can review the following resources:

  • How to join
  • How to vote 
  • How to participate

How to join the AGM 2022 Virtual Platform.

After you have successfully registered, you will receive guidelines on how to join the meeting. For ease of reference, you can either download a PDF File or view a video on joining the AGM. Click on the respective tabs to view or download the file.


How to participate in the 2022 Virtual AGM Platform.

During the Virtual AGM, your participation is very important. The following guidelines outline the procedure for participating in the AGM. This will include moving a motion and or seconding a motion.

Click on the respective tabs to download the PDF file or view the video.

How to VOTE in the 2022 Virtual AGM Platform.

Voting in the AGM is one of the most important features of being a member of the Credit Union be it at a physical or virtual AGM. It is important that you understand the procedures for voting.

You can download the PDF file on how to vote as well as view the video at your convenience.

Click on the respective tabs below.



AGM Registration is now open.

Click on the following link to register.

AGM 2022 Registration. Click here to register.