Dear Valued Members,

It is my pleasure to address you once more.

As we celebrate International Credit Union Day today, Thursday 15th October 2020 and by extension, International Credit Union Month October 2020 under the theme “Inspiring Hope for a Global Community”, your family at Transcorp Credit Union Co-operative Society Limited brings greetings to you, our valued member and your loved ones.

The theme ascribed to the 2020 celebrations is most befitting at this time having regard to the unprecedented events for this year, namely the world declared COVID-19 Pandemic and the many consequential challenges, restrictions, and uncertainties thereby inverting world economies, businesses, and personal plans. Our nation’s children are required to satisfy their daily educational needs to attend to full-time education by accessing virtual classrooms from their respective homes while enduring the mandatory abandonment of their daily socialization activities and comradery with their friends and replacing the same with parental supervision at home.

Business and employment relationships, operations, administration, and management continue to adjust to the evolving and dynamic concept of the “new normal” including the increasing use of virtual platforms while observing the many health and safety protocols directed by the World Health Organization internationally and our Ministry of Health locally and to which your Credit Union has adapted. Further, the terms and conditions of employment of a large part of our population may have been negatively impacted resulting in severe financial challenges.

Your Credit Union, in recognition of your needs at this time, has made adjustments in our service to you by ensuring a more efficient level of accessibility through our aggressive digitization campaign and reducing your exposure to the virus that may arise through interface service. You are now able to submit applications for any of our loan facilities, access balances, transfer between accounts and credit your mobile phone from the comfort of your home, office, or while in transit to other activities.

The mantra of our reorganized activities falls in line with this year’s theme of “Inspiring Hope for a Global Community” as we continue to examine and assess the financial market while balancing the tremendous work that Credit Unions, like ours, and other financial co-operatives around the world are doing to promote opportunities for member engagement. Our social media platforms, including our Facebook page and Website, evidences this.


Notwithstanding, the fact that this year’s activities involve little or no physical activities, we remain committed to recognizing the confidence bestowed on us and the support given by you, our most precious members, in maintaining our resilience as your number one choice in satisfying your financial needs.

In your respective efforts to rebuild, restore, and restructure your own economic position, we encourage you to do so while remaining safe and sanitize in protection of you and your family.

May God continue to bless you and your, Transcorp Credit Union.

Stay safe, stay sanitize.

Dated this 15th day of October 2020

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